• Internet (eCommerce)

E-Commerce is referred to as the process of buying and selling of products or services over the Internet. Over the years, innovations in online transaction processing (with drastically improved security measures), as well as the ability to manage data and transfer funds in “real-time” on a global scale has made it possible for eCommerce to flourish into a multi-billion industry! Despite the economic downturn, online spending is proving to be quite resilient in most markets with sales expected to continue to grow steadily and reach $240 billion by 2014! As soon as you join GTC, you will immediately receive a “fully enabled” eCommerce Website (in multiple languages) with “real-time” order processing and tracking capabilities, as well as many other business building tools on the “cutting edge” of technology, so that you can position yourself at the forefront of this eCommerce revolution and start cashing in from the BILLIONS currently exchanging hands online every single month! Think about it: When was the last time the internet made you any money? If your answer is NEVER!... wouldn’t it make sense to “finally” start making money with it, since now using it and you know you’re going to keep using it for many years to come?

  • Internet Telephony (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (commonly known as VoIP) refers to the ability to TALK over the Internet, instead of using the traditional phone network. Just as with eCommerce, innovations in VoIP technology over the years has now made it possible for VoIP to offer equal (or even greater) voice quality with far better features, and at significant savings over traditional phone networks! Because of this, VoIP is fast becoming the “standard” in worldwide communications (both for personal and business use) and now happens to be the fastest growing segment of the multi-billion Telecommunications industry, which most experts predict VoIP will eventually phase out the traditional telephone system in the very near future! As soon as you get started, you will immediately be able to download GTC’s feature-rich, Video capable Softphone (short for Software Telephone), which allows you to place “FREE” unlimited in-network calls anywhere in the world. But most importantly, as a GTC affiliate you’ll be able to position yourself at the forefront of this VoIP revolution to start cashing in from the billions already being generated by this booming industry! , Think about it: When was the last time your current telephone provider “paid you” for using and recommending their service to others? Since you already know that will NEVER happen, wouldn’t it make sense to join us and finally start getting paid for it?

  • The Home-Based Business Phenomenon!

Extremely low start-up costs, flexible hours, no territorial restrictions, uncapped income potential, the down turn in the economy, and the internet, are some of the reasons the home business segment is now experiencing unprecedented growth on a global scale. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States alone there are over 18.3 million home-based businesses and close to 60 million worldwide! Entrepreneur Magazine estimates that $427 billion is generated each year by the home-based businesses phenomenon. That's more than the pharmaceutical, food and consumer goods industries - combined! A recent IDC survey indicates the average income for income-generating home office households in the U.S. is $65,000 a year, with more than 20,000 home-based entrepreneurs earning over $1 million in annual revenue in 2009! Now, here’s the best part: As a GTC affiliate you can immediately start cashing in from these emerging global trends “without” having to become an Internet Marketing Guru, or a Telecommunications expert, or without having to spend a significant amount of time, effort, money, or “sell” anything to anyone! That’s because your GTC home-based business already comes with everything you will need to become successful, including a simple, ”proven” 3-STEP SYSTEM that will take care of doing most of the telling, and even “the selling” for you!


According to “self-made” multi-millionaire entrepreneur extraordinaire and world renowned Best Selling author ROBERT KIYOSAKI: “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work!” So why would having (or building) a “network” can potentially make you a wealthy person? The answer is LEVERAGE!. The wealthy utilize 2 main strategies to apply leverage for financial gain: 1) - They have money at work; a strategy they call O.P.M. (or Other People’s Money), where they typically borrow money and then “leverage” that money to produce capital gains for themselves (i.e. investments, stocks, bonds, real state, business ventures, etc.) 2) - They have people at work; a strategy they call O.P.T. (or Other People’s Time), where they put others to work and then leverage their time/effort to produce capital gains for themselves. For example: an employee that gets paid $15 per hour, which in turn produces $50 in “leveraged income” for the employer in that same hour. Leverage happens to be the very reason why, even in a down economy, few manage to become wealthy (or continue adding to their existing fortunes), while the vast majority of the population continue to struggle financially!

Understanding this, how can you position yourself to start benefitting from this concept of leverage? Simple! Find a business already designed around this wealth building strategy; which is what this opportunity is all about. That’s right! As soon as you join GTC, you will immediately receive all the tools, training and support from industry professionals, so that you can begin building your very own “Global Distribution Network” of VoIP consumers and distributors alike, using our ”proven” 3-STEP SYSTEM that will take care of doing most of the telling, and even “the selling” for you!

Passive Income Streams

 class=Did you know there are only 2 possible ways to earn income? One is called LINEAR income and the other is called RESIDUAL (or passive) income. Linear income means trading time/effort for money. Therefore, those earning linear income “only” get paid based on how much work they physically put in. So the moment they stop working, they “stop” earning! Since more than 90% of the global work force trades their time for money, “financial freedom” for anyone earning linear income will be out of reach in most cases. Residual income on the other hand is the type of income that keeps coming in on a consistent basis, long after the initial work has been expended. In other words, residual (or passive) income will continue to pay you even when you are NOT working! Actors, Musicians, Authors, Software Developers, Investors, and of course, Network Marketing distributors are some examples of people accustomed to earning this type of income. Simply put, residual (or passive) income is the income of rich!

What about you? Will you continue to get paid, even if you “stopped” working? If your answer is “absolutely not”, as a GTC affiliate you will immediately receive all the tools, training and support (from industry professionals) needed to effectively begin marketing GTC’s highly consumable line of “unlimited” VoIP calling packages so every time any of your customers and team of distributors renews their VoIP service every single month, you’ll continue getting paid month after month, long after you’ve done the initial work and “without” having to do any additional work to keep getting paid!